New Green Space for Victoria West

October 26 2011

On October 20, 2011, City Council approved retaining city land left over from straightening out the S-curve on the west side of the Johnson Street Bridge as green space.

The S-curve on Esquimalt Road will be eliminated as part of the bridge project, opening up approximately one acre of waterfront land. Retaining this area as green space is consistent with the current Official Community Plan (1995), the draft Official Community Plan (expected for 2012) and the Victoria West Plan and Harbour Plan.

Decisions regarding the look and use of the green space will involve community consultation over the next year. The bridge project team will be involved during the planning process; however, it will be independent of the Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project with a separate budget and timeline.

S-Curve Lands Power Point Presentation – Oct 20, 2011

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