City Issues Request for Qualifications to Build New Bridge

March 16 2012

Victoria City Council has moved the Johnson Street Bridge Project forward, with a revised budget of $92.8 million.

The City will now issue a Request for Qualifications for contractors interested in constructing the new Johnson Street Bridge. Three firms will be selected, based on qualifications. Once prequalified, the City will work with the three firms to identify any opportunities to refine the engineering design to realize cost savings.

The Request for Qualifications will be issued today and close on Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 4 p.m. To complete the project by 2016, the contract to build the new Johnson Street Bridge is to be awarded in October 2012.

Staff will report back to Council in June with an update on the process and any proposed changes to design, scope or budget.

View more information on the Request for Qualifications

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