Construction of New Bridge to Begin this Summer

January 7 2013

PCL Constructors Westcoast (PCL) has been awarded the contract to build the new Johnson Street Bridge. Construction is expected to begin this summer with the project fully complete by March 2016.

PCL’s contract includes the construction of a new bascule lift Johnson Street Bridge with three vehicle lanes, on-road bike lanes, a multi-use trail for pedestrians and cyclists, and a pedestrian deck on the south side.

The contract also includes decommissioning the old Johnson Street Bridge once the new bridge is complete, construction of improved road alignments and traffic calming features on both sides of the bridge, installation of a signalized intersection at Harbour and Esquimalt Roads, widened sidewalks and pathways leading to the bridge with links to existing and future pathways and trails, public viewing and plazas areas on the east and west sides, and landscaping. In addition, PCL will also construct a retaining wall on the City’s adjacent property on Harbour Road.

PCL is the largest contracting organization in Canada, and the 6th largest in the United States. PCL has built large scale bridges across North America, including the Alex Fraser Bridge in Vancouver.

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