Fender removal makes way for new bridge

July 5 2013

This week crews began removing some of the existing fenders to make way for where temporary work platforms and the new bridge foundation will be built. Crews will soon begin to install piles (long poles) into the ground as part of the first steps in building the bridge foundation. Piles will be vibrated in, a method that is much quieter that traditional pile driving.

Ruskin barge and crane from east sidefender work from west side

To see the latest construction activity, check out the project webcam.

For safety reasons, marine access will be limited to the main (centre)navigation channel while work is underway in the harbour. The east and west channels and surrounding areas outside of the main navigation channel will be closed to all marine traffic. This includes recreation boats, kayaks, outrigger canoes, and dragonboats.

All vessels are asked to reduce speed and exercise extra caution while transiting the area.

The current bridge will remain open to pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and marine traffic until the new bridge opens in late 2015.

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