Construction of temporary work platform underway

July 16 2013

PCL crews are continuing construction of a temporary work trestle on the east side of the harbour. The trestle will serve as a work platform accommodating workers and equipment while the new bridge is built.

The smaller white crane, seen on the barge in the photo below, is drilling down into the bedrock. The bigger red crane is pushing piles (long steel pipes) down into place. Once the piling work is complete crews will then build the top platform that will support equipment and workers to build the new bridge. (click photo to enlarge)

Pile driving trestle w barge Jul 16 2013pile driving trestle w barge 2 Jul 16 2013

Residents in the area are advised that PCL will be conducting some night work beginning Thursday, July 18 through the weekend to Thursday, July 25 on the downtown / east side in order to allow their barge to access a specific area of the harbour only accessible during high tide times.

The work may create some noise from the movement of the barge and diesel drill rig motor used to extract soil. This type of noise is comparable to work currently occurring daily on the site. Pile driving will not occur at night. It will occur within normal working hours.  As the project progresses, the majority of  work will occur within normal work hours and within the City’s noise control bylaw. This night work is considered an exception for special circumstances to allow access by barge to a specific area only accessible during the high tide, which happens to be at night right now.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

To see the latest construction activity, check out the project webcam. To learn more about construction activity over the next two years, visit the Construction Activity page.

The current bridge will remain open to pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and marine traffic until the new bridge opens in late 2015.

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