Crews Prepare for New Bridge Foundation Work

September 23 2013

Steel foundation pipe

You may have noticed the arrival of some very large material at the construction site over the past week.  Weighing in at 42 tonnes and measuring 34 metres long, it is one of several steel pipes that will form the foundation of the new bridge. This is one of 16 steel pipes that will be installed for the bascule pier (the foundation that supports the lifting part of the bridge). Each one is approximately two metres in diametre.


As the piles for the bascule pier are installed in the harbour, steel cages are lowered inside the pile prior to being filled with concrete. Watch for their installation on the webcam in the weeks ahead. 

cofferdam construction sm

This week crews are installing a temporary cofferdam on the west side of the harbour.  A cofferdam is a temporary enclosure built in the water and then pumped dry, creating a dry work environment for construction. This cofferdam is being built to allow for the construction of the west road approach foundations of the new bridge.

To learn more about construction activity over the next two years, visit the Construction Activity page.

The current bridge will remain open to pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and marine traffic until the new bridge opens in late 2015. Full project completion, including removal of the rail bridge, landscaping, and installation of public art is expected by March 2016.

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