Current and Ongoing Construction Activity

July 30 2015

Work currently underway onsite on the west side of the bridge includes new multi-use trail connections, the construction of a large retaining wall beside the future multi-use trail, and the foundation work for the new pedestrian overpass. This work is expected to be ongoing from now until early 2016.

Construction of a retaining wall near Harbour Road

On the east side of the bridge, crews are currently completing utility and drainage work in the areas near the road approaches to the bridge. This work is expected to continue in the area until early 2016. Improvements to accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles throughout these busy construction areas continue to be made.

In the harbour, PCL has made significant progress in the construction of the bridge foundation. Crews are currently focusing efforts on preparing the new bridge piers for the placement of large support beams that will form the new bridge deck road approaches.

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