Latest Photos from the Construction Site

July 29 2014

View of Johnson Street Bridge construction site

ABOVE: Johnson Street Bridge construction site looking north. The area where the large mound of dirt currently sits and the existing “s-curve” road approach on the west side of the bridge will eventually be turned into a new waterfront green space. The new green space will create more than two acres of public waterfront park. The existing concrete pier on the west side of the bridge will be cut down and transformed into a new plaza space adjacent to the new public green space. Photo credit: Picturewest Photography.

bascule pier construction July 2014ABOVE: Construction of the bascule pier, which is the housing to support the mechanical and electrical system that moves the bascule leaf. Sixteen piles have been installed in the harbour for the bascule pier and concrete for the floor of the pier has been poured. Bascule Pier Walls

Bascule Pier Wall WorkABOVE: Construction of the new bridge bascule pier walls underway. Photos credit: Picturewest Photography

Rest Pier Construction July 2014ABOVE: Construction of the rest pier, which is where the future bridge bascule leaf will rest. Concrete work is now underway for the rest pier. Construction of new bridge looking north east

ABOVE: View of construction site looking north east. Photo credit: Picturewest Photography

New intersection at Harbour and Esquimalt Roads July 2014ABOVE: Construction for the new intersection of Harbour and Esquimalt Roads is underway and is scheduled to open to traffic in late September.

Once complete, the new intersection will include new sidewalks and crosswalks and a new extension of Harbour Road south of Esquimalt Road, connecting to the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort and future waterfront green space. By the end of September, traffic will access the existing bridge from the new east extension of Esquimalt Road, currently under construction.

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