Johnson Street Bridge Quarterly Update – January 2015

January 22 2015

Johnson Street Bridge Quarterly Update – January 2015

The last few months have seen significant achievements on site, including changes to the road network on the west side of the bridge, that included realignment of the Esquimalt Road approach, new traffic lights, and landscaping that will form the new public parks area, as well as a new access for the Delta Ocean Pointe Hotel.

The bridge crossing continues to see significant progress on the concrete foundation, including the abutments and rest piers.

Regular quality inspections were routinely conducted by the fabricator and the contractor’s quality control consultant on the steel fabrication in China to ensure that the bridge is built to the highest standard of the design. An inspection last July found that some aspects of the steel fabrication had not been undertaken in accordance with the design specifications. The project team is working to get the fabrication restarted and a meeting is scheduled at the plant in China in February to finalize procedures and resume fabrication.

With fabrication tentatively recommencing in March, the project would be approximately ten months late. City staff are reviewing and planning to assure that the existing bridge will continue to operate until the new structure is completed.

As of December 27, 2014 PCL has invoiced $20.65 million, representing 32% of the total contract amount. MMM Group has invoiced a total of $8.205 million from the budget of $9.6 million for design, permitting, construction administration, and project management in the same period.

To the end of December, $1,015,475 has been allocated from the contingency with $1,799,525 remaining. However, a number of items yet to be finalized will virtually commit the balance of the contingency. A report will be provided to Council in February on allocation of funds and funding sources for the contingency as the present amount is fully allocated.

The change order requests from both the contractor and the consultant team are subject to a mediation process. All parties have now agreed to a mediator and the process has commenced in December and is presently on-going. All parties are bound to confidentiality of the mediation process; however, any settlement is subject to City Council approval.

Public engagement for the new green space on the west side of the Johnson Street Bridge is currently in the Operational Plan for 2015.

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