Construction Updates 2015

January 2015 to December 2015

Sidewalk and Landscaping Upgrades – December 2015

Significant sidewalk and landscaping upgrades to Michael Williams Green (the area along Wharf Street in front of Market Square) have also been completed, along with landscaping work along Esquimalt and Harbour Roads near the Delta Hotel.



Steel Fabrication Update – September 2015

Steel fabrication continues and the crews are finalizing plans for a trial assembly of the bridge pieces to ensure they fit together properly.

Rings are progressing, with the north ring nearing completion and  the south ring is following close behind. On the south truss, the web and middle flange elements are fully fabricated and being fit into the truss before the final welding will start. This next step will seal the trusses permanently. The north truss is undergoing some final joint welding before it will be assembled into the final truss.


The lower counterweight for the bridge is assembled into major components and the final assembly of the lower counterweight will follow next month. On the steel deck, the floor beam fabrication is complete with the deck panel production to come next.


Overall, much progress has been made and the quality of work and quality control remains at a  high level as expected.


Steel Fabrication Plant Visit – May 2015

Steel fabrication resumed in March. An improved Quality Management Plan and Inspection and Testing Plan are now in place at the steel fabrication plant.


(Close up of ring flange)


Regular inspections by the fabricator and the contractor’s quality control consultants are being conducted. This ensures that the bridge is constructed to the highest standard of the design. Any steel not meeting the highest quality and safety specifications will not be accepted.


(Ring flanges and curved web elements)


The Project Director, along with representatives from MMM and PCL, visited the steel fabrication plant in China from April 27th to May 2nd to review the onsite steel quality oversight.


(Flange elements that will form the bridge rings)


Steel Fabrication – March 2015

Through 2014, much of the work on the Johnson Street Bridge took place on the west side of the bridge. In the coming months and throughout 2015, much of the construction work will shift to the east (downtown) side of the bridge. As the specifics of each construction phase are determined, the public will be informed and made aware of upcoming impacts to the public.


Steel Fabrication Restarts

Steel fabrication for the Johnson Street Bridge has restarted. An inspection last July found that some aspects of the steel fabrication had been undertaken outside of the design specifications, so the fabrication of steel was paused.



Regular quality inspections will be routinely conducted by the fabricator and the contractor’s quality control consultants on the steel fabrication throughout the entire process to ensure that the bridge is constructed to the highest standard of the design. Any steel that does not meet the highest quality and safety specifications will be not be accepted by the City.


The steel bridge has six main components: two rings, two forward trusses, a counterweight and the steel deck. The counterweight and steel deck connect the ring and truss structures together to form the complete bridge. After each ring and truss element are fabricated, they will be laid horizontally, assembled and tested. This process will be carried out on each truss and ring and then the same process will be repeated on the components in the upright position.


After the span has been erected, assembled and measured in position, the machinery responsible for the raising and lowering of the bridge will be installed. The various bridge components will then be painted and packaged for shipping from Shanghai to Victoria on an ocean freight vessel.





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