Construction Updates 2016

January 2016 to December 2016

Steel Fabrication – December 2016

The arc plates that being fabricated partly in Tianjin, China are being installed at the  ZTSS plant site by QuayQuip, a Dutch managed specialist in fabrication of similar machine parts. For more about the project taking place at QuayQuip, a video highlighting the work being done on the new bridge elements can be viewed here:




Steel Fabrication – November 2016

Work on the south ring continues as welds are made and then checked by the quality control inspectors to ensure they are of the highest quality.


Work is also progressing on the welding of the orthotropic steel deck that will connect the north truss and the south truss and act as the structure that cars, bikes and people will drive, cycle and walk across



Work is continuing on the south ring rail that will connect the bridge structure to the machinery in the bascule pier


Quality assurance checks continue to ensure the highest quality of steel is being fabricated




Steel Fabrication – October 2016

Steel fabrication continues in China with ongoing welding work on the south ring upper counterweight, as seen in the picture below.
welding of S ring upper counterweight

Featured below: Contractors Quality Control and Inspection performing ultrasonic testing of the walkway stringer welds. Walkway stringers are the steel pieces that hang off the main span to support the walkways.
CQCI was performing UT of walkway stringer welds

Also featured below: Segment D U-rib bolting areas. The U-rib is the “U” shaped channel on the underside of the deck and the holes and plates are to bolt it to the adjacent section.
OSD SEG D U-rib bolting areas and connection plates were re-blasted_1
OSD SEG D U-rib bolting areas and connection plates were re-blasted_2

Steel Fabrication – September 2016

Steel fabrication continues in China with work on the counterweights that will help balance the bridge during the raising and lowering of the bridge span. The outriggers that will connect the pedestrian walkway to the bridge are also being fabricated.




Steel Fabrication – August 2016

The steel fabrication process has advanced to the trial fit-up stage. Project director, Jonathan Huggett, is currently in China during one of the key steps in the steel fabrication processes. The steel “fit-ups” are currently taking place to ensure that all the pieces of fabricated steel fit together. They will be fit together horizontally and vertically and then machined flat to ensure they all fit together properly.





Progress is also being made on the orthotropic steel deck, the counterweights that will help balance the bridge when it’s raised and lowered and the outriggers that will secure the pedestrian walkways to the bridge.




The pictures below are aerial views of both the north and south rings being trial fitted to the north and south trusses. These form both sides of the bridge structure.  The components are laid flat to fit the truss to the ring. The interfaces have to be machined flat until the fit is nearly perfect. The assembled components will then be stood up vertically and the fit up process will be carried out again. While the components are in these positions, various welds and attachments are being made, which could not be easily done while inside the fabrication shop.




Steel Fabrication – July 2016

The steel fabrication is focused on the rings, the outriggers (pieces that will connect the pedestrian walkway to the main bridge structure) and the counterweights and bridge deck.


North ring welds are ongoing


The counterweight that will help raise and lower the bridge is being fabricated now


Inspections of the steel rings is also ongoing. This photo gives a good sense of scale to how large the rings are.


Welding of outriggers – the pieces that will connect the pedestrian walkway to the main bridge structure is currently underway.


Steel Fabrication – June 2016

The steel fabrication continues to progress with the majority of the work now being focused on completing the rings. In order to work on both sides of the rings, they need to be flipped over. The following series of photos show how the rings are flipped over outside the steel fabrication facility using a large crane.






Machinery Fabrication – May 2016

A trial assembly of the bridge support sections recently took place in Birmingham, Alabama. A total of four sections like the ones pictured below will support the new steel rings on the bridge.


JSB Assembly

Machinery and Steel Fabrication – April 2016

Steel fabrication continues with the Orthotropic Steel Deck being welded and assembled.


The progress of the machinery is also moving forward with several of the pieces now completed, paint has been applied and the pieces will be prepped for transport to Victoria.



Steel Fabrication – March 2016

Work is progressing on the ring and truss fabrication. Below is an overhead view of the factory floor in China where workers are welding the two rings. One of the trusses is complete and in storage, while the other is also pictured below.


Bridge Machinery – February 2016

The project steel engineers (Hardesty and Hanover) inspected the bridge machinery during a visit to Steward Machine in Birmingham, Alabama on December 10/11, 201 and significant progress is being made on all the bridge machinery that will help raise and lower the bridge. The pictures below show the various pieces and how they fit together.


Trucks are the upper pivoting part of the assembly that hold two wheels, and pivot on a machined shaft connecting it to the unit below. Below that is the intermediate and primary equalizers, each of which pivot to support the sections above.


Trucks and wheels are already fabricated and work on the sub-assembly of these elements has started. Primary equalizers and their bases are in fabrication.


The bases alone represent 40,000 pounds of steel each . The total assembled weight of each of the four bases is 240,000 pounds.


Drive shafts are installed in the hydraulic motors and are integrated with the pinion that drives the rack on the ring to open the bridge.


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