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New Bridge

The new bridge will be the largest single-leaf bascule bridge in Canada – and one of the largest in the world (just less than 46m) – creating a new iconic structure and destination within Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

The new bridge will be built to serve the community for the next 100 years. It will provide improved safety and accessibility for cyclists, pedestrians, and people who use mobility aids.

More than 50 per cent of the new bridge will accommodate pedestrians and cyclists. In addition to maintaining three lanes for vehicles, the new bridge will include on-road bike lanes, a multi-use trail for pedestrians and cyclists, and a dedicated pedestrian pathway.

The bridge will also feature new plaza areas for the public to view the harbour and will be built to a lifeline seismic standard. Public art and new green space also planned enhancements to the area as a result of the bridge project.

Plaza Spaces

The bridge will feature three new public plaza spaces; two on the east side of the bridge and one on the west side. In 2015, the City hosted a design workshop involving stakeholder groups including the Downtown Residents Association, Victoria West Community Association, the Downtown Victoria Business Association, Reliance Properties, Merrick Architecture, members of the City’s new Accessibility Task Force, the Delta and Swans hotels, Ralmax, members of Council, PCL, MMM, and staff.

After a walking tour of the bridge areas, participants worked together and developed drawings and supporting materials to address current design challenges as well as opportunities around use of space, connectivity, accessibility, and opportunities for art and placemaking. Input from the workshop was used to produce concept plans for re-envisioned designs of the public spaces.

The new north east plaza is located beside the new Janion development and will serve as the trailhead for the region’s Galloping Goose, Lochside, and E&N multi-use trails. It will include new bike racks, and benches.

The new plaza on the south east side of the bridge will connect with the new bridge’s pedestrian pathway and future David Foster Way. This plaza will feature new seating alongside new landscaped areas creating a new downtown space for people to sit and enjoy views of the harbor. This design is still being refined with stakeholder groups and the budget is being determined. This plaza space is not anticipated to be completed until after the current Johnson Street Bridge is decommissioned in 2018.

The new plaza on the west side of the bridge will create a new space for the public to sit and enjoy views of downtown Victoria and the Inner Harbour. It will be adjacent to the future waterfront green space and will be designed to allow for future event and entertainment programming. It will connect with an accessible pedestrian pathway to Harbour Road and pedestrian pathway over the bridge. This area will have an interim temporary treatment while final designs and budget are determined. This plaza space is not anticipated to be completed until after the current Johnson Street Bridge is decommissioned in 2018.

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