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Johnson Street Bridge Lighting Update:


The City of Victoria is excited to have opened the bridge on March 31, 2018, which involved a community celebration event. Part of celebrating the bridge included lighting its structural components.

After these lights were activated, the City received considerable feedback expressing concern for fish and wildlife in the area.

In response to these concerns, the City commissioned a study to examine potential ecological impacts relating to the lighting. The study’s key recommendation was to turn off the lights from February to June, when juvenile salmon start their journey out to sea and are more susceptible to predation.

Based on this information and subsequent feedback from citizen advisory groups, in November the City took the precaution of turning off the lights early while further review of potential impacts takes place.

This lighting plan may be updated as new information becomes available. In the meantime we will continue to use the precautionary principle to minimize potential ecological impacts.

All vehicular, pedestrian, and navigational safety lighting will remain on consistent with transportation requirements and best practices.

As with all of our projects, the City places a high value on feedback. Please share yours at


Public Realm

The replacement of the Johnson Street Bridge presented an opportunity to revitalize and create new public space on both sides of the new bridge and improve connectivity for people who walk and cycling through the area.

Results of a community-led workshop suggested amenities should include a desire for  arts and culture performance opportunities either during the day or in the evening, public washrooms, and public art including stand-alone pieces or art incorporated into furnishings or signage.

Workshop Analysis Summary


Revised southwest plaza concepts: (click image to enlarge)


Previous Engagement

In the summer of 2012, the City consulted the public to seek input on the public realm elements of the Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project. A number of themes emerged from the feedback:

  • The area is very much seen as a transportation hub, with a desire for enhancing walk ability and cycling connections and improving overall accessibility;
  • Animation of the public realm – supporting opportunities for social gathering through community events, festivals, and entertainment in the plaza areas and new green space area;
  • Creating opportunities to sit and view the harbour;
  • Improving overall safety and introducing elements to encourage traffic calming;
  • The approaches are considered gateways to neighbourhoods.

When asked where to prioritize the public realm budget, the top priorities were:

  • Investing in landscaping;
  • Plaza amenities;
  • Pathway lighting / pedestrian and cyclists’ safety.

In terms of prioritizing investment in plazas, the two south plazas were ranked as most important. The south west plaza was seen to be an opportunity for social gathering and harbor viewing. The south east plaza was seen to be an opportunity for harbour viewing and trail connections. The north east plaza was seen to be a trail connection and social gathering point.

The illustration below demonstrates the changes and additions based on public feedback.

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