Documents and Publications

All technical documents, publications, and studies related to the Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Project are noted below.

Project Charter

Johnson Street Bridge Project Charter (Amended March 2013)

Government of Canada and UBCM Funding Agreements

Progress Reports

Annual Progress Report to Transport Canada

Steering Committee Meeting Notes

Project Contracts

Professional Services Agreement – Jonathan Huggett

MMM Group (WSP)

PCL Constructors Westcoast


MITAGS – PMI Maritime Simulation Study


Request for Proposal – Johnson Street Bridge Replacement

Project Definition Report (PDR)

Johnson Street Bridge Replacement Architectural Drawings (pre-RFP) [PDF – 6.5 MB]

Former Train Station Building Relocation

Bridge Condition Assessment Reports

Replacement and Rehabilitation Reports

Geotechnical Analysis Reports

Heritage Reports

Economic Impact Assessment Report

Environmental Assessment Reports

Transportation Reports

Additional Resources

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